On this page you can view my recent Properties work. 

Horn in the West - Properties Master - Directed by Julie A. Richardson

Horn in the West is an outdoor drama written by Kermit Hunter.  It has been through countless revisions throughout the years but the central story has always remained the same.  It focuses on the over mountain men of Watauga county and their struggle against the British.  This year will be their 60th season.  As their prop mater in the 59th season I tried to used the props and set dressings to give texture to the scenes and emphasize that the characters in the show were truly flourishing in their new home. 

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Below are a few of the Props that I have designed and constructed for Horn in the West.

The Fire Bowls 

The fire bowls used in the Indian country scene are my own personal design.  The base is a dried gourd cut to shape.  Then two cat food cans are glue together, one on top of the other.  The bottom can has several holes drilled in its sides for ventilation.  The cans are then glued into the bottom of the gourd.  Then a ring of sheet metal is placed around the cans leaving a one half inch gap.  After the ring is glued in place, the area outside of the ring is filled with sand.  The top of the gourds are covered with sculpy and foil. This design allows air to circulate around the source of the fire keeping the gourds from overheating and cracking.  The wick is %100 cotton soaked in a mixture of lighter fluid and tiki torch fuel, a mixture which produces a high flame at a very low heat.  You can view my detailed instructions for constructing these firebowls here.

Hardtack and cookies were made from sculpy, and painted to resemble baked goods of the revolutionary war era.

These are fur bundles which are given to Dr. Stuart by the Cherokee after he helps them deal with the small pox epidemic.  They are constructed from cowhide, blue styrofoam, and scrap fabrics.

Sylvia - Properties Intern - Directed by Maureen Heffernan

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Noises Off - Properties Intern - Directed by Robert Cacioppo

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Gaslight - Properties Intern - Directed by Robert Cacioppo

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How I Became a Pirate
Properties Intern - Directed by Claire Guy

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