On this page you will find digital copies of plays that I have written.  Please note that I have copywrites on all of these documents and they are subject to a royalty.  But really, if you want to produce one of these plays, just let me know and I will probably let you stage the play for free. 
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They're outside is the first play I ever wrote.  it has been professionally produced once and has had several amateur productions.  It is very reminiscent of George Romero's Night of the Living Dead.
The Life and Times of Adam and Eve is a sweet but funny look at the trials and tribulations of the first man and woman.  Adapted from The Diary of Adam and Eve by Mark Twain.
This is my one man show.  The monologues are based on first hand accounts of encounters with suprenatural creatures and cryptids.  The monologue entitled Fly Away Bigfoot is based on the comic strip Thingpart by Joey Sayers.
This is the second play in my zombie apocalypse series.  A production of islands was recently directed by Molly H. Donahue as part of the CNU Student Initiative Theatre's first season.
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